Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck

-My father in law is VERY concerned that at daycare my son puts toys in his mouth that other kids have touched.


Find something else to worry about.

-I spent the weekend with my husband's friends. Corection. I spent the weekend in my husband's friend's spare room because they spent the day jamming on ass-loud music and I needed to protect my child's ears.

- My husband's friend removed ALL living room furniture (threw it out/sold it/whatever) and now here is his living room accessories:
1. Microphone and Stand (3 of each)
2. Speakers (4)
3. Amps (2)
4. Full blown drum set (1)
5. Equipment stand for full dj'ing equipment and other computer shit that holds his music
6. 3 barstools
7. And that's about it

Grow the fuck up and get some furniture. You are a 40+ year old man

- Fuck. I am tired. Cranky. I need a break.

I love my son but I need Margaret time.

How the fuck do I do that and not give my son to my inlaws who piss me the fuck off?

Really? So my son is supposed to live in a bubble and NEVER have exposure to germs?

I see where that got you - my husband is a sickly person. PErhaps if he had breathed some germs and gotten some damn germs in his mouth......


  1. Hey Trixie, if you need some Margaret time, does that mean you're a lesbian now?

  2. If you're not exposed to germs, you don't build up a resistance to germs. I walked away from several day care places because they smelled like bleach. They struck me as a little too anal. My boy is strong and healthy - and he put some pretty weird stuff in his mouth when he was little.

    Let's not be aliens on our own planet (War of the Worlds).


  3. Oh, my. I stumbled here. Came over from an old comment on one of my posts. It took me three posts to figure out your identity, Trixie. Go get thy name out of this post immediately, girl!

    By the way, I love this. And how the hell did WT get here before me???

    Oh, I am SO using my semi-anonymous id here. I might want to come over here and post a fucking rant sometime!