Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is a magnetic field

around the fucking dishwasher at my house.

"Someone" is physically in capable of putting a fucking dish in it.

I think there's a force field. You know, like when Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are fighting with the light sabers and it makes what "wooohmp" noise?

That's around my dishwasher.

I was puking sick on Sunday. Monday I awoke to old oatmeal bowl in the sink. Coffee cup in the sink. And a pan from making his dinner.

I ignored that shit.

Today when I got home from work and there was another half filled oatmeal bowl (yes, with some water and stuck on top of yesterday's oatmeal half water filled bowl), 4 spoons, another coffee cup, his work coffee cup and tupperware containers.

What the fuck?

So because I don't feel like a fucking fight, I fucking put on my Princess Leia panties and fought that fucking force field light saber and proved the dishwasher is not made of Darth Vader bullshit.

Coming soon to a house near me:

1. How to put shit into the dishwasher
2. How to put toilet paper on the spinny thing and not on the counter - AND as a bonus course, putting it so it goes over the top of the roll.


  1. Amen, Sister Trixie! Amen. What would they do if we were gone, say, a month? Sit on the can until we got home because there was no paper? **sigh** Probably not. They'd just pull up their panties and leave skid marks for later.

    Lurlene - Jedi Wife

  2. Yes, I know all about that. It pisses me off even when I don't feel sick.