Monday, August 24, 2009

I like bacon

So. Hi.

I bet you are all wondering, why Twatwaffle? Quite frankly our first choice, "3 Dirty C*nts" would probably draw the wrong crowd to this party. It would end up being a lot of sweaty fat men in wife beaters, who try to cop a feel as you walk by. I happen to be very particular on who gets to play with the girls. So is my husband. Twatawffle it is. Besides Twatwaffle is so much fun to say. Repeat after me. Twatwaffle. Twatwaffle. Just kind of rolls off your tongue doesn't it?

Oh yeah, I'm Lorena. Lorena Twatwaffle. Welcome to our bitch fest. Some of us needed a safe place to come and unload. Some of us, like me, needed a place to write about things otherwise deemed unacceptable at my other blog place. Feel free to bitch with us too. You can bitch in the comment section, or if you you need more space, email us at We'd love to have Twatwaffle Friends posts.

Let's see...what else....I like long walks on the beach, diet coke, freedom of speech, bacon, drawing, sleeping in, shopping, morning sex and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

I dislike people who think their opinions are the only ones that count, crocs, coffee, slow drivers and tofu.

This is going to be so much fucking fun. Why don't you come on in, get comfortable and stay for awhile. Let's get this party started. Can I get you a beer? Or how about some chips and salsa?

Love & syphilis,


  1. I'll take a jello shot, please and thank you!


  2. I like crocs (the flip-flop kind), coffee AND tofu. But I like you anyway.