Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's Tell A Secret

OK, so everyone has a secret like this. Some of us (me) really don't keep it a secret.

Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE has "the one". You know, the one you would leave your spouse for? That movie star/athlete/tv star/politician (ugh) who if they rang your front doorbell, you would go run away with them?

Mine? No contest

Christopher Meloni.


Really, I adore him. Not just him, but his character on SVU as well.

I love my husband - but Christopher rings the bell and I am GONE. The only stop we would need to make as we are running away together is to the local Baskin Robbins for some ice cream sundae ingredients - you know - whipped cream, fudge sauce....


So who's yours?

And if you tell us "No one...I love my spouse THAT much" - I know you are fucking lying.


p.s. - don't let my sister Lorena tell you any shit. She's got a thing for Weird Al Yankovic

p.p.s. - Lorena is gonna kick my fucking ass for that.

p.p.s.s. - Wanna vent? Send us an email! Sometime soon you will hear about pet peeves I have. Start thinkin' of yours!


  1. I love Weird Al too - but not enough to leave my spouse...

    I think I might walk out the door if Antonio Banderas was on the other side. With long hair. That freakin' Julius Caesar haircut is the worst! But the rest? Mmmmm...


  2. Mark Wahlberg! No contest!

  3. You bitch!!! (and I say that with all the love in my heart.) Don't let Trixie trick you (ha, say that 10 times fast.) She has a thing for Al Bundy.

    Ryan Renolds
    George Clooney
    Collin Firth (yummmmmy city)

  4. You can't have Colin Firth, Lorena... he's already proposed to me. He doesn't care that I'm already married OR that I'm not awake!!!


  5. I beg do differ Lurlene. Colin is mine!

  6. Maura Tierney from ER. My wife, being an ex or not, wouldnt stand a chance.

  7. I don't have "the one", I have many. Too many to name in a comment.
    I'll just share my Josh trifuckta.
    Josh Holloway
    Josh Duhamel
    Josh Hartnet

    I got all wet just writing their names.
    Or maybe it was thinking of having all 3 of them on my bed.

  8. Ok, I'm outing myself as a nerd here, but...mine is Jason Momoa, Ronon from Stargate Atlantis. He can ravage me any time.